It’s Not All Fun!

I miss my son terribly. He’s been gone a whole day! Okay, he went to boarding school, so dropping him off is no shock to my system; but college is so different! And much further away! 

Of course I will survive! But the trauma of another baby leaving the nest is paired with Rachel’s having quite spurt of behaviors the last week or so, and headaches that will not let me do anything without pain. 

I am only writing this because it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, or at least extremely frustrated, sometimes! I write a lot of positive things, but we all have those times we have to get through to get back to the positive, don’t we? Sometimes I feel positive, sometimes happy. I can feel sad, angry, frustrated, scared, etc. etc. ETC…..and for days and weeks at a time. You can’t pretend everything is positive and live in denial when it’s your child needs you to fix or deal with the negative to keep her safe and healthy! 

So now I got that out of my system, and I will miss my son for a few days, and work with my daughter’s meds to try to get over the behavior hurdle until the next time. And I will accept that I can go through all the moods I need to and still get back to the positive! It wasn’t always like that, and I know things can accumulate into one big negative if you get overwhelmed. But with time I learned to look for the next positive, live through the negative knowing that it won’t last forever, and smile again!


2 thoughts on “It’s Not All Fun!

  1. I feel your pain regarding your son. My son is high functioning autistic, and he moved away to another city to begin his career. He went to college in our city, so college wasn’t so bad. But moving away was really hard to get used to.

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