Me: “Rach OMG W…

Me: “Rach OMG WHY did you put everything in your room in separate grocery bags???”
Rach: “Because I like to.”
Hubby: “There ya go! You’re patient with the autism behavior!” (Smart aleck!)
Me: “Who left her alone for ten minutes?”

And I thought she was doing such a wonderful job cleaning her room out!! 😛

And of course she tied all the handles together so it’s going to take forever to get it all back out!


One thought on “Me: “Rach OMG W…

  1. Been there with this type of thing… I think you should leave it in the bags. By taking it out, she may perseverate over it.

    Eventually, she will get tired of her stuff being in the bags and take them out. By making a big deal you will reinforce it. By taking them out yourself you are enabling the behavior.

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