I have an online friend. A friend of friends. Sometimes you don’t think about why people come into your life, and sometimes you miss the reason when it presents itself. People just don’t want to think that deeply, it’s difficult to spend time finding meaning in everything when we have so many pressing concerns to distract us. But there it was, and I was in the state of mind to accept it.

This man has recently had some pretty big health obstacles thrown into his path, things that I’ve only had to deal with through my daughter for twenty years. I’m sure he wouldn’t think of himself as an inspiration, and he probably doesn’t realize how strong he has been. He began having seizures out of the blue. With a family to support, he’s had to spend time in the hospital, and go on living his life and his responsibilities with a cloud of uncertainty over his head, not knowing why the seizures began or when they will happen again.

He almost died from the first seizure, and there he was in the hospital, posting jokes and seeing the funny side of everything. He lost his license, so he started walking to work – immediately. No sitting around whining and feeling sorry for himself, no giving in to fear. He didn’t let it shut him down or stop him from finding the joy in life in spending time with his family and friends. 

I’m not even sure I want him to read this, but I call it as I see it. If you inspire just one person to be stronger then you are an inspiration. I’m sure he has his times alone when he’s angry or sad or frustrated. Maybe not. Maybe he is that strong and optimistic a person. Whatever the case, I am amazed and inspired by his handling of the situation with grace and humor, strength and bravery. I hope he realizes how fortunate his daughter is to have such a good role model for handling life with love, and how fortunate the rest of us are to be inspired!